I receive numerous inquiries for the Ilona Heritage Hooks. Now, if you do have arthritis and crochet as much as I do (6-8 hours daily) the Ilona hook is absolutely a MUST have. And if you do not have a hand problem, avoid it with an investment.

The Ilona Heritage hooks are handmade using Rosewood. And because of the high demand on it, there might be a waiting period. The hooks are tested and you receive the swatch with it in a nice little wooden box. The hook fits easily (but naturally) in your hand. You might find that the first few stitches are awkward but keep on. It will eventually stitches easily as you go along. It is like driving a new car.

Crochet has always been therapeutic. With an Ilona Heritage Hook, it is so much more. So do yourself a favor, and place your order to test drive it. You will soon order another one and then another one and then another one…. So your next question is: What hook size do I order? Decide which hook size you use the most and start with it. I expanded my collection and I have to confess that I do not use ANY other hook that the Ilona Heritage hook. My crochet work looks MUCh neater and my hands are not tired and sore.

Go for it!!! I challenge you on this one.

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