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I realised that there are so many of you who are under the impression that the Queen was the first and the last design from me. But you are so wrong. I designed the whole Royal Family plus many more. In the next few days, I will share about my designs as well as some background on it.
I will share the Royal Family with you which is, first of all, the Queen and my very first design of the Royal Family series. She is a round throw and I just love the way she looks – with her curves and all.
Then the King followed. After the King I thought, okay….the King and the Queen should have children. So then I came up with the Princess. And then the Princess has a little brother, the Prince. All this happened in 14 months’ time. But then I thought it good to complete the Royal Family with the Queen Mother which is the square version of the Queen.
The Queen is 175cm in diameter and I used MoYa DK to design it using a 3.5mm hook.
I herewith share the Queen with you. The kit can still be ordered from my online shop including the free pattern.
South Africans: www.mandalaqueen.co.za Other countries: www.mandalaqueen.org
Please visit the online shop for the price and the postage to your country. You can also email mandalaqueensa@gmail.com for further information.
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Happy hooking to all.

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